coal is familiar to everyone

Previously, what is called coal? maybe a lot of people know wheter the so-called coal, but here I want to explain about coal in general knowledge. Coal is one of the fossil general, coal is a sedimentary rock that can be formed from burning of organic sediment. The most important is the result of the decomposition of the remains of plants that were formed through the process of coalification. 

appearance of the coal

The chemical composition of coal, plants : 
  • carbon (C)         49%
  • hidrogen (H)        6%
  • oxigen (O)         44%
  • sulfur and nitrogen 1% 
The Process of coalification :
  • plants > peat (peatification) 
  • peat > coal (coalification)
A role in the process of coal formation are: 
  • the role is bacterial, bacteria in order to "find food", he's destroying the chemical bonds existing in the organism.
  • results of his work (bacteria)> organic material will be gas, water.
  • and rot
  • if oxygen is plentiful and bacteria, all the elements of the plant will change. 
    - cellulose > glycose > H2O and CO2
  • but the process does not take a perfect 100%. partly because submerged> there remains> assembled into peat.
the formation of coal :
Peat is only possible at:
  • where there are plants
  • where there is water
  • where there are bacteria
such a place is called swamp

appearance swamp 


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